20 reasons why Magic is better than sex

  1. An eight second game of Magic is good!
  2. You can always find someone to play Magic with you.
  3. Your opponent won’t ask you if you’ll still respect them in the morning.
  4. A game of magic ALWAYS ends simultaneously.
  5. Magic requires no foreplay; you can just grab a partner and start playing.
  6. Good sex can cost you $1000, but a Black Lotus will only cost you $250.
    – remark: both prices are out of date –
  7. Protective card sleeves are easier to put on than condoms.
  8. You can switch opponents as often as you like, and no one will mind.
  9. A game of Magic can last for hours.
  10. You don’t have to cuddle after a game of Magic.
  11. Brutally beating your partner is okay.
  12. Protection really works.
  13. Magic comes with a rulebook.
  14. Parents don’t go crazy when they catch their children playing Magic with the neighbor’s kid.
  15. You can play Magic while eating a sandwich.
  16. If your deck just isn’t working, you can blame it on the shuffle.
  17. Any number of people can play in a game of Magic, and everyone gets a turn.
  18. When you pay for Magic, you’re guaranteed of a good time.
  19. You can always get your partner to play Magic with you in public.
  20. When you buy Magic, you know it’s fresh from the factory.

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